Condominium Hotel Set-Up & Operation

CK Atlantis has experience in condominium hotel structures and organizations from design and development to opening and ongoing operations.

Our condominium hotel set-up and operation services include:

  • Development of condominium governance structures
  • Creating effective condominium hotel commodity and income tax structures including Foreign owner income tax requirements
  • Designing the contractual relationship between the unit    owners, the developer and the hotel operator
  • Designing the contractual relationship between the    condominium association, the hotel operator and  the property manager
  • Preparation of initial condominium corporation budgets
  • Preparation of pre and post opening hotel program    operating budgets and cash flow requirement   statements
  • Sourcing and implementing computer hardware,    software and property management systems for   condominium hotels
  • Designing of equitable rental accounting formulas    incorporating unit rotation and individual unit   accounting systems
  • Design and implementation of operating procedures    and policies for hotels
  • Providing property management services